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The 80s switch on “La Luce”.
La Luce is founded in the early 1980s and sets itself apart for the wide range of modern to classical products manufactured by qualified lighting companies.
In 1983 “La Luce” expands.
It is the exclusive dealer for the province of Ragusa of the most important company from Murano: La MURRINA.
The 90s spread “La Luce”
La Luce is renewed, enlarging its premises and the show rooms to provide consulting activities and services to an increasingly attentive and demanding clientele, and enters the lighting and design sector to offer residential and retail supplies.
In 2013 La Luce
Completes the expansion and renovation process creating a new Show Room with large spaces dedicated to consulting and design.

Dove Siamo

La Luce

Illuminazione e Design

via Archimede 365

97100|Ragusa (RG) | Italy

T +39 0932.643044 | +39 0932.643655


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